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Topical Vitamin C must be in the form of L-ascorbic acid to be useful to the body and skin. Just because a product says Vitamin C on the label doesn't mean the product contains L-ascorbic acid, however ours does. Often manufacturers state Vitamin C on the label without stating the concentration. To be effective a product should contain a concentration of at least 10%, again ours does.

In creams, lotions, and serums the Vitamin C oxidises quickly and loses its therapeutic potency after two months of manufacture, this is why if you buy a product containing Vitamin C off the shelf it is likely to have lost its effectiveness. Our Vitamin C Serum is manufactured five days before sale to give you full therapeutic potency.

We now add Ferulic Acid to our Vitamin C products because Ferulic Acid has the wonderful ability to stabilise Vitamin C thus ensuring it retains its potency. We also now add Vitamin E to the serum.

In fact our product is virtually identical to the famous Skinceuticals Vitamin C and E with Ferulic acid which won anti-aging product of the year and retails for £40 per 30ml.

A powerful Anti-oxidant - Topical Vitamin C protects skin against harm caused by exposure to sunlight. It does this by neutralizing reactive oxygen species (free radicals), the highly reactive molecules produced by the interaction of sunlight, cell membranes, and other components of skin tissue. Antioxidants protect skin by neutralizing free radicals, which would otherwise destroy skin and its components. These free radicals are stimulated by ultraviolet light and also occur naturally in the oxygen atmosphere.

A Collagen booster - As we age we lose the ability to create collagen. It is the collagen in our skin that maintains the skins elasticity. Vitamin C is the only antioxidant that has been proven to increase collagen synthesis. L-ascorbic acid serves as a signal, relaying a critical message to collagen genes to synthesize collagen, as well as being a cofactor for two enzymes important in collagen synthesis.

Vitamin E - is a powerful anti-oxidant which targets damaging free radicals and renders them ineffective. It is free radical activity in our skin that is probably the biggest single cause of aging

Ferulic Acid - Research shows that the addition of Ferulic Acid to a solution of Vitamins C and E doubles its photo-protection of skin, and stabilises the Vitamin C so that it retains its potency for longer. Please Note that due to the high percentage of Ascorbic Acid in this product it might not suit users with sensitive skin. Even though all our products are safe, we advise you to patch test for 24hours before the full use of any beauty product. Consult your doctor if for any reason you have a skin condition before the use of any skin product.

Ferulic Acid will make your skin more prone to sun-damage, to prevent that, even though Ferulic Acid is not a skin peel, we advise you use our aftercare treatment "100ml Aftercare Lotion" as it will naturally protect your skin from the sun and is also for general daily use moisturiser (bought separately). Our "100ml Aftercare Lotion" is a special formula of organic sun screen SPF15 with skin conditioning agents. We also stress please DO NOT USE ordinary sun screens that use mineral based sun blocks such as Titanium and Zinc Oxides as mineral based products block your facial pores and lead to spots. Our sun screen post peel is much kinder to skin. Please use the "Aftercare Lotion" sunscreen when outside, especially in strong sunlight.

Important Note - The process of converting amino acids into collagen cannot take place without Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C). Ascorbic Acid is an essential component of the process. Vitamin C acts as a metabolizer for proline and lysine, turning them into a different form that bonds with glycine to make collagen. So, without vitamin C, collagen simply will not happen. We strongly recommend you combine Aminoine with our Vitamin C Serum for the best possible results.

You maybe wondering why have we not already added Vitamin C to Aminoine, simply because vitamin C has a two month shelf life, so if we added it then Aminoine would have to be sold with a two month shelf life, it is twelve months as it is.

If you use this product without sun protection, it simply will not work as effect. Please use our sunscreen Aftercare Lotion SPF15.

Please Note - The use of sun screens is not the complete answer to protecting your skin from the harmful effects of sunlight. No matter how effective a sun screen is it cannot prevent all UVA / UVB rays from penetrating the skin. Sunlight generates free radicals which damage cells and collagen at a molecular level. Free radicals are the single biggest cause of ageing of the skin. Our creams and lotions containing anti-oxidants will provide protection from free radicals. Please look at our products - Day-Derm and Night-Derm creams provide protection from free radicals.

Directions: Apply a small amount to the fingers and apply to face massaging gently into the skin. Use daily. This product must be stored in the fridge with the lid attached.

Ingredients: L-ascorbic Acid, Vitamin E Acetate, Ferulic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Water, Glycerine, Apricot Kernel Oil, Cetearyl Alcohol, Polysorbate 60, Safflower Oil, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Evening Primrose Oil, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Cetyl Esters, Sodium Levulinate, Sodium Anisate, Glyceryl Caprylate, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Orange Oil (Citral, Linalool, Limonene).

Please note: All the information you need about each product is written on this web site. Therefore we can sell high quality products at low prices without the unnecessary expensive attractive packaging. UK postage cost is included in all prices shown.
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